Field Service Lead Composite Technician

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Main Purpose

To lead a team of technicians that inspect and repair fiberglass/composite wind turbine parts in the field (on tower or on the ground) such as blades, nose cones & nacelles.

**This is a traveling position and work will be performed throughout the United States

Job Functions & Responsibilities

1- Team Member/ Field service support

  1. Ensure all safety procedures are followed and minimize risks to fellow employees
    1. Perform Daily Huddle every morning while on a jobsite
    2. Perform daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly checklists as needed
    3. Have a safety meeting once a week while on a jobsite
  2. Mansafety lines, platform, platform cables and tag lines
  3. Coordinate with customer and other contractors at the jobsite to support our work
  4. Transport, setup and maintain tools, equipment, vehicles, and safety gear. 
  5. Perform weekly inventories to ensure all materials, supplies, tools and equipment to perform the work are available and ready
  6. Manage travel and logistics, time cards, billing hours and expense reports

2- Customer Service

  1. Coordinate work schedule and priorities with customers
  2. Communicate every day with the site manager or company representative to give them a status update and schedule of work
  3. Coordinate with field crew and general manager to ensure work log and billing sheet are filled out by the end of the following day

3- Administrative, Training, and Support

  1. Be part of the recruiting and hiring of employees that fit into our company culture
  2. Be part of evaluations and work with General Manager to set goals and benchmarks for the future.
  3. Work with General Manager and HR on raises, promotions, reprimands, and terminations.
  4. Support and train the less experienced technicians and look after their well being
  5. Manage any necessary on-the-job training of crew technicians
  6. Document and analyze key operational parameters and continually improve
  7. Look for new and better ways to do the work and expand our capabilities
  8. Exhibit positive and courteous behavior and have good communication with customers, co-workers, and management
  9. Have weekly download with your team to communicate feedback from customer, management, and office
  10. Ensure timesheets are turned in by 11am CST every Monday morning
  11. Ensure receipts are turned in by 11am CST every Monday morning
  12. Motivate the employees to get them to work to the best of their abilities

4- Fiberglass Repair

  1. Sand or sand blast fiberglass surface to remove paint or gel coat
  2. Grind sand and prepare surfaces for repair.  Must be able to control grind into specified layer and create proper scarfing.
  3. Laminate using epoxy or polyester resin, and various fiberglass cloths, knits, and UD materials
  4. Visually inspect composite parts
  5. Work with and repair balsa, foam and other core materials
  6. Vacuum bag lamination
  7. Post cure using thermal blankets or forced air heater
  8. Patch, fill and fair repair areas
  9. Sand, prime and paint surfaces
  10. Inject resin and repair bond splits and delaminations

5- Inspection, Quality Control, and Reports

  1. Ensure the necessary pictures and data is inputted into Sequoia as the work is being performed and sync/charge the tablet each night.
  2. Ensure the Blade Details are submitted for review within 24-48 hours of repair completion
  3. Ensure Report Builder steps are completed within 2-3 days of Blade Details approval
  4. Provide quality control on repairs by inspecting work before moving on to next step
  5. Follow technical instructions and document and sign off on work performed
  6. Coordinate with customer and QA to repair damages properly and on time

6- Sales

  1. Visit or talk with customers regularly to develop and reinforce partnership relationships
  2. Follow up with site managers to ask for referrals, see what their needs are, and build relationships

Experience, Education and Qualifications

  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Valid Driver’s License with a clean driver record
  • No license suspension or restrictions in the last 3 years
  • No DWI/OWI/OUI/DUI, etc. in the last 5 years
  • Knowledge of composite manufacturing and repair related to wind turbine blades
  • Must be safety conscious and have knowledge of fall protection and confined space safety procedures
  • Intermediate computer skills with ability to generate and interpret computer data
  • Good interpersonal and customer relation skills
  • Ability to think fast and develop solutions to deal with various issues and conditions in the field.
  • OSHA 10
  • CPR/First Aid/AED

Additional Requirements

  • Drug screen, background check, and DMV record review required
  • Ability to travel 6-8 weeks at a time
  • Ability to repeatedly climb 300’ tall towers
  • Ability to work in demanding physical and extreme weather conditions (winters in the Midwest and summers in the desert).
  • Ability to lift, push, pull, and carry items up to 50 lbs in weight
  • Ability to work different shift schedules 24 hours/day seven days/week
  • Comfortable working on suspended platforms up to 300’ in the air
  • Comfortable working in confined spaces
  • Ability to successfully participate in all training courses, including rescue at heights
  • Ability to read and understand technical manuals and work instructions
  • Ability to read, write, and communicate in English
  • The position requires travel, working overtime, and working a flexible and variable work schedule.

Reports To

General Manager, Field Services

Wage Range

$23.00-$30.00/hr. Depending on experience and skills

Company Information

Performance Composites provides reliable wind turbine blade repair, inspection and consulting services. We are blade and composite experts with a dedicated group of experienced engineers and technicians focused on quality. We are advocates for turbine owners and operators and we will help you develop cost effective solutions to maintain your blades for a 20+ year life.