Leading Edge Protection

leading edge protection1445531748494All turbine blades will experience leading edge erosion. Leading edge erosion is caused by rain, sand, bugs, and ice, and without leading edge protection (LEP) most blades will have significant leading edge damage in 2 to 5 years. Eroded leading edges will reduce the aerodynamic efficiency of the blades, and many sites have measured decreased power production by as much as 12%. The return on investment (ROI) for repairing the erosion damage and applying LEP can be very short, and most sites can expect an ROI of 1-2 years.

For this project, the blades had significant erosion development. The erosion had worn through the surface coat and damaged the leading edge bond joint and fiberglass shell underneath. We started by removing the surface coat and bond paste at the damaged areas and then abraded and cleaned out the individual cavities. The areas with damaged fiberglass were scarfed back and new fiberglass layers were added. The bond joint cavities were filled with adhesive paste, and it was shaped to the original leading edge contour. We applied a layer of fiberglass wrap over the leading edge to reinforce it and applied fairing filler and sanded to the original contour. The repaired areas were painted with polyurethane paint, and LEP tape was applied per 3M specification including edge sealer on the perimeter to keep the edges from peeling and to provide aerodynamic efficiency.

Performance Composites has extensive experience with various LEP types, including liquids and the long proven WPT tapes. The large, stable, wrap-around suspended platforms we use are perfect for high quality and rapid installation of full length LEP installs, typically 14-16 meters.

For more information on erosion repair, LEP or any other blade related service, call or email us.

Why Performance Composites?

  • Expertise
  • Experienced with all major turbines and blade manufacturers
  • Dedicated group of skilled composite engineers and technicians with years of education and hands on blade experience.
  • Specialized on composites repairs. We have experience with all types of damages and we understand the root causes so we will repair the blades properly.
  • Great track record on repairing structural damages including carbon fiber spars and tip replacement.
  • Provide accurate assessment of damages and will advise if the turbine can continue to run and how to monitor the damages.
  • Provide technical support on blade defect negotiation with turbine manufacturers.
  • Investigate serial defects and develop strategy to mitigate the risk and repair the damages.
  • Quality
  • Two year warranty, double the industry standard
  • Every blade repair is performed to OEM standards, following work instructions and using specified materials (no short cuts).
  • Utilize engineering composite standards on structural repairs and follow the specified scarf ratios. Repairs are as strong or stronger than original.
  • Employ state of the art, proprietary Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) to provide technicians with step by step work instructions, create detailed reports with clear pictures, and provide customer access to the reports via web portal.
  • Reliable
  • Dependable services and long-term partnership
  • Earn the trust of our customers. We take pride in our integrity and always do the right thing. If we make a mistake, we will own it and make it right.
  • A team of safe employees supported by great training and process
  • Continuous communication with site management to ensure effective management of the project.
  • Transparent in all the work we perform and billing we submit.
  • Environmentally conscientious and will clean up after the project so the jobsite is the same or better.
  • Cost-Effective
  • Advocates for owners & operators to reduce costs
  • Reduce turbine downtime by rapid response of crews and repairing damages as quickly as possible.
  • Work with our customers to be proactive and develop great blade maintenance and repair strategy.
  • Work with our customers to schedule inspection and repair during low wind season
  • Reduce mobilization costs by scheduling crews that are located regionally
  • Utilize heated tent enclosures to perform on-ground major blade repairs to reduce delay caused by weather or cold temperatures.
  • Our technicians are available for other on site work to reduce standby costs during bad weather.

Company Information

Performance Composites provides reliable wind turbine blade repair, inspection and consulting services. We are blade and composite experts with a dedicated group of experienced engineers and technicians focused on quality. We are advocates for turbine owners and operators and we will help you develop cost effective solutions to maintain your blades for a 20+ year life.

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